Sistema de control para concesiones viales

Control System and Toll Collection TCP-TOLL allows complete traffic control and automatic categorization of vehicles by counting axles, detection of dual wheels and height.

Modularity allows the use of various types of road: manual, semiautomatic, Automatic, AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) and different forms of payment: cash, exact fare, Proximity card contact and contactless (Chip), credit card, ETC in the same station. The automatic payment means can operate in different modes: pre-pagos, current account, exempt, neighbors, etc..

Porque TCP – TOLL?

Integral system
Reliable management
After Sales Service

Level Road

The equipment installed in the Milky associated with TCP-Toll System detects and categorizes each type of vehicle, automatically calculating the rate.


Level Monitoring

This level provides information on transactions by collectors on the tracks and can generate alarms and notifications about events.


Level Central Administration

The Operational Center concentrates all information toll plazas Dealer, allowing queries and reports of the squares.

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TCP TOLL, main system management and control for road conceciones

Our system is used in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador,Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Paraguay.

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