The Level Monitoring and Control System Toll Collection Toll-TCP, to manage, control and manage the entire operation of the square both technically and financially. This level provides detailed information on all transactions by collectors on the tracks and allows generating alarms and notifications about events set in pre configuration.

Online Screens

The system can display on-line as a series of screens and statistical reports showing instantly, graphics and sound as the state of the roads, the collection or various discrepancies and anomalies, ensuring in a simple, greater control of each event in the path.

The system displays subitems presents on-line, relating to different thematic:

• States of road.

• Alarm messages on-line.

• Statistical Graphics.


The system generates a lot of reports that the company needs Concessionaire.

May be obtained inter alia, reports for the end of a shift, each traffic reports, anomalies and any other event (categories discrepancy, traffic statistics, ATM, of exempt, etc.) and audit reports of system usage, where each of the activities carried out will be audited and stored in a system table.

Also obtain treasury related reports, for example: reports raising daily movements, which establishes the total of money shift, vouchers and checks collected to provide an effective and safe anti-fraud control.

Special developments

System TCP-TOLL, has been developed entirely by own programming professionals Telectronic, whereby, left open the possibility of implementing any kind of integration with different management systems.