By the Pan circulate daily about 800 thousand vehicles. And the peak hours are not reduced to the morning and evening from Monday to Friday. Saturday at noon and Sunday afternoons may also be formed long lines at the same tolls.

To streamline traffic, Highway concessionaire Sun implemented a dual tollbooth: on the same channel is serving two cars simultaneously. So, downtime gains while paying the driver of car ahead. Only cars and headed for cash. Does not include motorcycles or heavy traffic.

The pattern began in the branch and then continued by Bell toll Pilar. Between the two branches serving the 50% Highway Transit. Also, the system is opened to the public in Buen Ayre toll station is located at the exit to Nordelta.

“The system is used in other countries but in Argentina Highways of the Sun is the first to implement”, le contains the Clarin Marcelo Fernandez, Head of Information Systems and Quality of the dealership. “The results were excellent. The cabin has two-way street performance 45% higher than normal. Streamline traffic and decrease the waiting”.

In branch there Campana 11 dual pathways tollbooth (Capital meaning six to five to Province) and will add another four, whereby 15 of the 20 lanes Bell's in the new system will. In branch starting with Pilar 10 ways and extends through to 12 of the 19 existing.

While Pan has alternative toll-free in its entirety, of the 800 thousand vehicles using, about 400 thousand pay toll (there 170 thousand subscribers to pass, dynamic payment system). “The idea of ​​expediting the passage through tolls is intended both to choose entertainment destinations offered in the area at the weekend as to who needs it every day to go to work!”, Fernandez explained.