The equipment installed in the Milky associated with TCP-Toll System detects and categorizes each type of vehicle, automatically calculating rates based on the relevant category and recording the payment method used. Control System and Toll Collection manages several payment, routes depending on whether manual or automatic


Manuals Pathways accept the following forms of payment:

  1. Cash.
  2. Credit card.
  3. Recognition of preprinted vouchers.
  4. Recognition of exempt.
  5. Proximity Card contact and contactless (Chip) with different functions:
  • Stripe Card pre-payment: has enabled a number of passes.
  • Current account card (the pre pospago): identifies a current account, allows passage if the account balance has (Prepaid) or adds the trip to the account for collection later (postpaid).
  • Neighbors Card: the neighbor buys a number of trips to a differentiated rate and can go as long as the balance. It can be recharged into the street itself.
  • Free card: allows passage until its expiration date.

Automatic tract AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) automatically recognize the “DAY” the Transponder located on the windshield when the vehicle enters the detection area radio frequency; reads and once accepted step, updated data are recorded and lifting the barrier. If you have different types of tags:

• Tag pre-payment: Travel charge an amount.

• Tag current account: stores the number of trips made then billed.