TOLL TCP control system for toll plazas

We have successfully carried facilities in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay.



Telectrónica has over 29 years of experience in developing control systems and Toll Collection. To date facilities 9 Latin American countries, 277 toll stations and over 1726 installed way endorse our preference .


The systems offered by Telectrónica are developed by professionals in Systems, formed in our company, standards and architectures that are studied to achieve excellence and quality products.


The particular requirements that each client needs to cover to meet your business rules are performed in a timely manner, like accounting and tax regulations of each country.


True to our philosophy “captive market”, provide the best after-sales market, having own aid table who knows the business and the product, toasting apoyo integral form but quickly.


The system is used in other countries but in Argentina Highways of the Sun is the first to implement.
Marcelo Fernandez, Highways of the Sun
Theas recognition rates are excellent and users spend without stopping as if it were a system of automatic lanes with tags.
Claudio Reynaga, S. A Sea motorway.